How to Save TV to a Memory Stick

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You can record TV programming directly onto a Memory Stick or other portable data storage used by your camcorder. From there you can view the program on the video camera's own screen or upload it to your computer. You are able to save any television programming to a Memory Stick (just as you are with a VCR or DVR); however, you are not allowed to use the recorded content for profit (such as having individuals pay you to view the content or editing the video into your own movie project with intent to sell the video).

Insert the Memory Stick into the memory-card slot on the digital video camera. Adjust the camera to "Record" mode. It is possible to record onto a Memory Stick with a digital still camera, as long as the camera has a "Video In" port (this is typically found only on digital video cameras).

Plug the 3.5mm end of the cable into the "Video In" connection port on the camera. This cable, when spread out, looks like a "Y." The 3.5mm end of the cable is the single end and is the same size as a headphone jack. The opposite ends of the cable are made up of two audio hook ups, one red and the other white.

Attach the red, white and yellow RCA cables to the matching "Video Out" ports on the rear of your television. This sends all audio and video signals currently being received on the television to the connected video camera. Although this is an analogue based cable connection you are able to use it on a digital television.

Power on the TV and set it to the station you want to record.

Press the "Record" button on the video camera. You'll need to leave both the TV and the camera running during the recording. If using a digital still camera you first want to set it to "Movie Mode," then press "Record."

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