How to Repair a Marble Fireplace

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Fireplaces with marble surrounds add elegance and style to a room. The surround area of the fireplace serves different functions. One of the most common functions of the fireplace surround is to improve the appearance of the fireplace insert.

Marble is a low-maintenance material that cleans easily when installed as the surround. Although marble is an simple material to keep clean, it is sometimes susceptible to cracks when hit with heavy objects. Repairing the damaged marble is a project that will restore the life back to the existing fireplace.

Dampen a soft cloth with acetone. Use this cloth to clean the area surrounding the damaged marble. Allow the marble surface to completely dry. The marble surround must be free of dirt or any grime haze so the glue will adhere properly.

Read the instructions included with the marble crack repair kit thoroughly.

Add the recommended amount of stone dust, included with the marble repair kit, into a bowl. Match the colour of the stone dust to the fireplace marble as closely as possible. Place an equal ratio of the first patch gel into the bowl of stone dust. Mixing amounts may vary depending on the marble repair kit.

Mix the two substances together with the included mixing stick. Once this mixture is thoroughly combined, add the recommended amount of the second patch gel to the bowl. Mix all three substances together until combined.

Create as close a match as possible to the marble with the included colour pigments. Use the tip of a toothpick to add colour pigment into the mixture. Most marble repair kits will include colour guides to help you match the marble stone.

Squeeze one drop of included catalyst into the coloured mixture. Stir the catalyst into the mixture with the included mixing stick. Pick up the bowl and gently tap it onto a hard, flat surface to remove air bubbles.

Push a tiny amount of the mixture into the marble crack to fill. Continue to layer on the mixture until the crack in the marble is full. Allow the mixture to firm up in the marble crack.

Remove the excess repair mixture by scraping the area with a razor blade. Allow the marble repair to dry completely according to manufacturer's instructions.

Polish the area with marble-polishing compound pads or varying grits of sandpaper. Start with 400-grit sandpaper and gradually increase to 8500-grit to bring the marble repair area back to the same polish as the surrounding area. Refer to the polishing compound pad instructions for polishing the marble stone.