How to connect external speakers to a laptop with usb

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USB devices have revolutionised the use of home computers and laptops. Devices that connect to USB ports are "hot swappable," meaning they don't require any special set-up or installation of drivers. You simply plug them in and you're ready to go. In addition, USB ports provide power to the devices that are connected to them--certainly enough to power a small set of laptop USB speakers. These come in a variety of forms and sizes, but they all share the same connection method.

Position your speakers. It's best to put one speaker on each side of the laptop screen if possible. This will give you the best stereo sound.

Plug the USB connection of the speakers into an available USB port. These are usually located on the sides or back of the laptop. It doesn't matter which port you use.

Control the volume of the speakers with the controls of your laptop--exactly the same way you would control volume if you had a pair of headphones connected to the laptop.

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