How to Listen to Messages on a Panasonic

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Panasonic is a popular brand of phones. The Panasonic company has both cordless and corded phones, and some include answering machines that allow you to listen to your messages. Panasonic is known as a reliable phone that withstands hard everyday use and will hold up through time when a family is using it. Retrieve your messages after a long day of work or play away from home so you can pick and choose whom you would like to call back.

Find the answering machine on your Panasonic phone. It is usually on the base of your phone next to where you put the cordless phone in the cradle.

Find the buttons on the answering machine part of your Panasonic phone. There may be one arrow or a couple of buttons with arrows on them, depending on the model.

Read the display on the Panasonic phone base. If it says zero, there are no messages. If it is flashing with a number on it, you do have messages.

Press the largest button on your phone base that has an arrow on it. This is the play button. The answering machine on your Panasonic phone will start playing your messages back.

Check your phone's user manual if you have any questions regarding messages on your Panasonic phone. If you do not have a user manual, request one from Panasonic's customer service. Contact them via the Panasonic website or by phone.

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