How to Insert an SD Card in a Dell D830

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The Dell Latitude D830 has two PC card ports, but it isn't SD card-compatible. You have to find another way to get your information off an SD card and onto your computer, and an SD card-to-USB adaptor is the key.

This device allows you to easily connect your SD card to the computer, and the card essentially functions as a USB flash drive when it is inserted.

Insert the SD card into your SD card-to-USB adaptor. If you are forcing the card into the adaptor, you are probably inserting it incorrectly. It should easily fit into the adaptor.

Insert the SD card-to-USB adaptor into a USB port on the computer.

Allow the computer to recognise that a device has been connected to the computer, and then open the "My Computer" or "Computer" system folder and click on the SD card to open its folder.