How to pay cash at hotels

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While most hotels expect customers to pay with a credit or debit card, there may be times when you prefer to pay cash at hotels.

Although hotels often prefer credit or debit card payment because this enables them to place a block on your card to cover any additional charges, you may be able to work around this practice by making special arrangements with the management when you check in.

Contact the hotel prior to checking in to inquire about their payment requirements. If the hotel has a credit or debit card requirement, ask if you can pay cash instead. Be prepared to pay a cash deposit to cover damages in addition to your room fee.

Offer cash to the front desk representative when you check in. Pay for your entire stay when you check in, if possible.

Ask to speak to a manager about paying cash if the front desk representative balks at receiving a cash payment. Explain to the manager your wish to pay cash and offer to remit a deposit along with the room payment, if necessary.

Ask for a receipt that notes "Paid in Cash" after you remit payment.

Collect your deposit back from the hotel when you check out of your room. After ensuring the hotel room is free of damage or defects, the hotel should refund your deposit in full.