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How to Restore a Dell Inspiron 2200

If your Dell Inspiron 2200 laptop is experiencing a lot of errors or problems caused by viruses, malware or spyware, the Windows program might be beyond repair with even the best antivirus or anti-spyware software. In this case, the only solution is a complete restoration and reinstallation of the Windows operating system. Dell makes it easy for you to restore the operating system on an Inspiron 2200 to factory default settings.

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  1. Shut down the Inspiron 2200, then power it back on.

  2. Wait until you see a blue bar with the web address "" appear at the top of the screen. When you see the bar, immediately press the "Ctrl" and "F11" keys at the same time.

  3. Click the "Restore" option on the next screen. When the confirmation screen appears, click the "Confirm" option. Wait for the restoration process to complete.

  4. In most cases, it takes between 6 to 10 minutes to restore the Inspiron 2200 laptop back to its default configuration and settings.

  5. Wait for the final prompt, then click "Finish." The computer will restart and load the original settings and software configuration.

  6. Accept the End User License Agreement for Windows and click "Next." When the System Restore screen appears, click "OK" to finalise the restoration.

  7. Warning

    You should only use the Dell restore function if you have tried all other corrective measure are still have problems with your laptop. The process will erase all data you stored on the computer after purchase.

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