The best way to peel grapes

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While peeled grapes are often associated with decadence or fancy meals, it is easy to make them a normal part of your diet. Peeled grapes are an excellent addition to fruit salad, and they are a good choice for very young children who like the sweet flesh, but do not like the slightly bitter peel. Peeling grapes does not have to be a messy or time-consuming prospect.


Pull the grapes off the stem.

Fill two pots with water.

Heat the water in one of the pots until it is boiling. Allow the other pot of water to sit at room temperature.

Pour the grapes into the pot of boiling water and allow them to sit in the boiling water for four seconds.

Drain the water from the boiling pot.

Pour the grapes into the pot of lukewarm water and allow them to cool.

Make a very shallow slit in the skin of the grapes and slide the skin off the grapes.


Pull the grapes off the stem.

Place the grapes in a resealable plastic container.

Place the grapes in the freezer for at least two hours.

Remove the grapes from the freezer.

Rinse the grapes under warm water. During the course of the rinsing, most of the grapes will slip out of their skins as they thaw.

Use a sharp knife to make a small slit in the grapes that retained their skin. You may use your fingers to slip the skin off the grape, or you may use the knife to peel them completely.

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