Homemade Detangler for Long Hair Dogs

poppy 4 image by sebastien tibeau from Fotolia.com

Untangling your pet's coat can be a painful experience for both pet and owner. Mats in your dog's hair, especially those with a longer coat, can cause sores and possibly require veterinary care if left tangled for too long. Making your own detangling spray for your canine is not only cost efficient, but also is easier to customise for your pet's specific coat needs. With items you can find around the house, you will be putting an end to those annoying mats in no time at all.

Warm up the distilled water in a microwave-safe bowl for 30 seconds. Pour the dog conditioner into the spray bottle, then pour in the warm water. Shake the water bottle vigorously until the water and shampoo are evenly mixed.

Add the wheat germ to the water and conditioner mixture, shaking the bottle vigorously once more until the wheat germ is dissolved. Drop three drops of essential oil to the mixture, and shake vigorously. Smell the mixture; if the scent from the oil is not strong enough to your liking, add two to three more drops of oil until scented to your liking.

Begin to pick the larger mats apart with your fingers and the pick on the end of the dog comb. Do not bathe your dog before untangling the mats as the hair will restrict. Once the mats are easier to brush, spritz a small amount of the detangler on the spot, and begin to brush the tangles out with the teeth of the comb gently.

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