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How to End a Mobile Phone Contract Early

Updated April 17, 2017

When you own a mobile phone, you expect to have high-quality service in accordance with your contract. Upon signing with your carrier, you may have been required to sign a contract for one or more years. However, circumstances may arise when you are no longer able to fulfil the responsibilities of your mobile phone contract. There are options available that will allow you to end your mobile phone contract early without accumulating a penalty fee.

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  1. Go to a mobile phone contract-trading website like Celltradeusa.

  2. Register for your account to become a member of the site.

  3. Pay the membership fee. Paying the membership fee will grant you full access to the site's features.

  4. Insert your mobile phone and contract information. This information will be listed on the website for viewing.

  5. Wait for someone to take over your contract. You will be released from your contract once your carrier approves of the swap.The contract-trading website will assist you with this process.

  6. Go to the website of your mobile phone carrier and view their customer agreement. The customer agreement may also be called the "Terms of Service."

  7. Locate the contract you signed upon initiating your service. Mobile phone carriers have terms and conditions listed on their websites, and often have archives from past years.

  8. Examine the carrier's current terms of service agreement for materially adverse changes that were not in your original contract. Changes that are materially adverse typically cause your bill to increase because of a change in service fees.

  9. Call your mobile phone carrier's customer service number. Tell them that you do not accept the materially adverse changes and wish to get out of your contract.

  10. Tip

    Remain persistent when calling customer service. Each of your documented calls may work in your favour. You may cancel your contract without an early termination fee if your carrier provides a trial period, ranging from 14 to 30 days. You must, however, return the phone and cancel the service before the end of the trial period.


    Ending your mobile phone contract prematurely will more often than not result in a penalty fee ranging from £97 to £227. Mobile phone kiosks may charge additional or higher contract termination fees. What constitutes a materially adverse charge may vary from one carrier to another, so you must read the fine print in the customer agreement. You have a limited amount of time to cancel your contract after changes have been made to the customer agreement. The specific amount of days is listed in your contract.

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