How Do I Get Rid of Moles Inside My House?

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Moles are frequently problematic once they start to invade a yard. Natural burrowers, moles need an underground tunnel system to survive. Unfortunately, they accomplish this by digging through your lawn and garden while killing grass and plants in the process. While it is rare for a mole to actually enter a home since it does prefer to be outside, it is not unheard of for moles to infest a home if left unchecked. Removing moles from inside the home requires diligence and care.

Leave pieces of Juicy Fruit gum around the house in areas where moles have been spotted. The moles eat the gum and then can't digest it properly, resulting in death. It's unknown why Juicy Fruit tends to work better than other gum varieties but perhaps the scent is more alluring to moles.

Set mole traps around the house if the gum technique is ineffective. There are traps that kill moles and others that just capture them so you can set them free elsewhere. If you have household pets or children, get the nonfatal traps to prevent any household accidents. Hardware stores will have a variety of traps to choose from.

Leave a door open at night and plant some grubs or worms by the door. Moles typically feast on grubs and prefer to be outside in their tunnel system so if one is in the house, it likely wants to get out. They move around more at night so if given an escape route and some food there to entice it, the mole could leave without any further fuss.

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