Home Remedy For How to Clean Hair Follicles

ayurvedic oil massage of the scalp image by NiDerLander from Fotolia.com

The hair follicles on the scalp can become clogged or blocked due to a variety of causes, including hormonal imbalances, medical conditions, infrequent cleansing or malnutrition. As a result, the scalp may become red, itchy and flaky.

Some home remedies can help open these follicles and reduce the symptoms of irritation.

Combine saw palmetto, a fruit extract, with nettle to create a thick shampoo. Both are available at most natural health stores. Massage into the scalp and let sit for 20 minutes. Follow with a gentle shampoo and conditioner.

Try combining one part salt to two parts warm water and pour onto the scalp. Massage well and rinse. The salt will help inhibit the oil that can contribute to blocked follicles.

Rub lemon juice on the scalp and massage. The citric acid will help exfoliate the hair follicles and open them up. Rinse with cool water, then shampoo and condition.

Combine one part apple cider vinegar with four parts water and massage into the scalp. Rinse well, then shampoo and condition.

Use warm to hot water in the shower, as the heat and steam will help open the follicles.

Eat a well-balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. This will balance hormones and improve the immune system, which can improve scalp condition.