How to Transfer Photos Via a Bluetooth

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With the rising popularity of online social media and the widespread availability of camera phones, more people than ever need ways to transfer photos from one device to another. Bluetooth wireless technology makes sending images between your phone and other enabled platforms a snap, though the exact method will vary slightly based upon the phone you use.

Locate the photo you wish to transfer from your phone. Select "Send" from the options menu and then select "Bluetooth."

Select "Search" if your phone does not automatically begin scanning the area for available Bluetooth devices. When the device you are seeking appears, select it from the menu to send the photo.

Accept the transfer. If you are sending the photo to your own Bluetooth-enabled PC, click "Yes" when prompted by your computer to download the file. In Windows, the default target for Bluetooth transfers will be a folder located in My Documents called "Bluetooth Exchange Folder."

If you are sending the photo to a friend's device, make sure she either recognises your phone or knows of the transfer beforehand so that she can accept the transfer.

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