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How to Register an NHS Email

The National Health Service of Great Britain has its own internal e-mail service for all NHS staff in England and Scotland. It was implemented by the NHS Connecting for Health agency and set up by the government in 2005 to manage the electronic storage of patient data. It allows the exchange of patient information between practitioners in hospitals and general practice surgeries, as well as diary and directory services. It is available to all staff of the NHS.

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  1. Go to the NHS website ( This website can only be accessed from an NHS computer station. Click on the tab labelled "Register here."

  2. Find your personal entry on the NHS e-mail directory. Once your employment position has been confirmed, you will be added to the directory as a valid user of the email service. If you cannot find your personal entry, contact your local organisation administrator.

  3. Create your account. You will be asked to fill in a few verifiable personal details to confirm your identity and given an e-mail address. Contact your local organisation administrator to retrieve your password.

  4. Change your password. The password you will receive is a temporary one for the purpose of registration. The first time you log in, you will be prompted to change your password. Choose something memorable but not too obvious.

  5. Tip

    If you do not know who your local organisation administrator is, go to the NHS website, click on "Search Directory," "Search," then "Organization." Enter your primary place of work to locate the name of that organisation's administrator under the "Administrators" menu.

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