How to Recycle Nitrile Gloves

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Nitrile gloves are a type of synthetic latex glove that mimics latex in feel and appearance, but is not made out of latex materials. They are used in a variety of settings, including laboratories, medical facilities, cafeterias or other food industry locations. They are disposable, one-time-use gloves that many facilities throw away into the trash rather than throwing into a recycling bin. There are recycling options for these one-time-use gloves that are environmentally friendly.

Call a local recycling company and determine if it can recycle nitrile materials. Most local recycling companies will not have this option because the technology for recycling the material is still in the developmental rather than wide-spread-use phase. Industrial recycling or recycling companies that are working on developing new recycling techniques will often accept the gloves for experimentation purposes, to try out potential recycling options.

Collect the gloves. Place all of the gloves in sterile containers or bags for transportation. Keep in mind that medical or scientific use of the gloves can result in them being contaminated with chemicals, viruses, bacteria or other potential hazardous health problems. Throw away gloves that are potentially harmful to health rather than sending them to recycling.

Take the gloves to the recycling centre. If the centre is working on experimental recycling methods for nitrile gloves, ask about other materials that are potentially recyclable that they are considering as well. It is an opportunity to find out other potential recycling opportunities.

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