How to open an adult day care center

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The growing need for safe and comfortable adult day care centres makes opening a centre a potentially profitable business opportunity. Adult day care centres provide a break for families who care for elderly members, while also serving the needs of seniors. Through private funds, Medicare and Medicaid, adult day care centres offer health care opportunities and social support to the elderly.

Acquire the proper licensing. The local county clerk's office handles business licensing, and the local zoning department or city zoning office regulates zoning a day care for business operation. The local health or state food handler's department dispenses food handler's licensing. You need a food license to prepare meals for residents. The local department of ageing or senior health authority regulates and inspects local adult day centres. lists general licensing needs by state. Because there are 50 states and more than 3,100 counties with specific guidelines, there is no one-size-fits-all regulation to follow. Licensing fees vary as well.

Create convenient hours for the day care. Typically, centres operate from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, according to Families with daily obligations may find these hours convenient for dropping off and picking up their loved ones.

Create a policies and procedures manual. Offering seniors a safe place to hang out during the day means establishing firm guidelines that staff members must follow. lists local regulating authorities you can contact for help in creating a safe and healthy environment for seniors. Write a detailed manual outlining specific guidelines employees must adhere to after ensuring each regulation meets local requirements. Ensure each employee signs a statement saying that they read the manual and understand all guidelines. Have a supervisor witness the employee's signature and also sign each statement.

Find dedicated employees. People trained to work with people with disabilities need patience as well as the proper medical training. Put potential employees through rigorous background checks. Set up cameras and monitoring devices to ensure seniors remain safe at the centre.

Protect assets. Hire a lawyer on retainer who is qualified to handle medical law and medical malpractice. Obtain medical malpractice insurance and liability insurance from a local insurer to protect the business' assets, as well as that of the seniors. Bonding your employees protects the clients and the business against losses due to theft or property damage. A local insurer can provide bonding insurance.

Get the word out. List the adult day centre with the state's ageing authority and with local ageing associations. Mail brochures to physicians and hospitals describing the services of the day centre, as well as the number of openings available. Create a website to provide potential clients with information about services, and publish photos of the facility.

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