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How to Put Together a Carnifex 40K

Updated July 20, 2017

A Carnifex is a hulking brute that can terrify your enemy on the battlefield or look good on a shelf. Since the new Codex, a Games Workshop rule book for individual armies, was released in 2010, you can have up to nine of the monstrous creatures in your Tyranid army. But even though these armoured beasts are feared across the galaxy in the 41st millennium they can be a little tricky to put together.

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  1. Decide how you want your Carnifex to look because once you've glued it there's no going back without a lot of work. The look will probably depend on what role you want your model to fill on the battlefield; your options are: fire support, close combat or a mix of the two. The kit comes with every option available to the Tyranid player so you've plenty to choose from.

  2. Snip the lower body, the legs, and the small dome from the sprue. Snip as close to the model as you can so as to minimise excess plastic on the model. If there are any burrs of plastic use the file to remove them. Only remove pieces from the sprue as you need them as loose pieces can easily be lost.

  3. Glue the small dome to the top of the lower body and the legs into the sockets. Make sure that the feet are level as you do this. Don't try to glue the model to the base yet; until the glue has had time to dry it isn't steady enough.

  4. Take the two pieces that form the upper body and glue them together. While the glue's drying you get your first choice: there are three carapaces to choose from. Glue your selection to the top of the upper body.

  5. Attach the legs and lower body to the base and leave for a few minutes to dry.

  6. Glue the upper body to the lower body. The dome at the top of the lower body fits into a socket at the bottom of the upper body.

  7. Remove the head from the sprue. All heads come in two parts. Glue these together while your model dries. Leave for a few minutes and then glue the head into the front socket of the upper body, beneath the overhang of the carapace.

  8. Glue your chosen arms in place. There are four empty sockets, two on each flank, so you need four arms. Whether you choose ranged or close combat weapons each has a shoulder that aligns to the left or the right. If you're not sure which part goes on what side hold the part on the model without gluing it first to see how it fits. Some of the ranged weapons require two arms; in this case the weapon barrel goes on the right while the feeder tube goes on the left and they meet in the middle.

  9. Tip

    As well as the standard assembly described above there are several 'extras' that you can glue to the model. Toxin sacks, adrenal glands, spikes, tail upgrades, and carapace extensions. These can be added as you see fit, either for aesthetic or gaming reasons.


    Don't use superglue. The plastic glue creates a firmer bond and it's kinder on your fingers.

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Things You'll Need

  • Clippers
  • File
  • Plastic glue

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