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How to Transfer a DVD to a Flash Drive

Updated February 21, 2017

USB flash drives have become an easier way to store and transfer data than burning CDs and DVDs. USB flash drives are nearly infinitely re-writable, whereas most DVDs can only be written to a few times. The flash drives are also easier to carry around, without worry of scratching. In order to transfer the contents of the DVD to a USB flash drive, you can simply copy and paste between the two.

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  1. Insert the DVD into the optical drive.

  2. Open "Computer" (or "My Computer") and right-click the inserted DVD. Select "Explore." A new window will open with the contents of the DVD.

  3. Insert a USB flash drive into a USB port.

  4. Open "Compuer" again and right-click the inserted USB flash drive. Select "Explore." A window with the contents of the USB flash drive will open.

  5. Drag the entire contents of the DVD drive from the DVD's contents window to the USB flash drive's window. Allow the computer time to copy the files; it may take a while. Once complete, you can run the files off the USB flash drive as if they were run off the DVD.

  6. Warning

    This will not work for DVDs that boot the system (Windows Setup discs) or copy-protected DVDs (movies).

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Things You'll Need

  • USB flash drive

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