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How to Register Canon Camera Warranty

Updated April 17, 2017

Though Canon is known to produce reliable products, registering for your camera's warranty can protect you in the case of malfunction and provide you with a series of benefits. Registering your product with Canon creates a product record that can be utilised for insurance claims in case of theft, and it creates a record of your purchase for warranty claims. Canon does recognise warranties on unregistered products, but your must retain your receipt and serial number to verify your purchase. If you received a registration card in your camera packaging, you can also register by filling out the card and mailing it to the address listed on it.

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  1. Go to the Canon Product Registration website (see Resources section).

  2. Look through the "Product Type" list and click on the proper item.

  3. Locate and click on the proper listing from the "Product Family" list.

  4. Find and click on the model from the "Models" list.

  5. Enter the required information into the text fields, then click "Submit."

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