How Do I Format a Acer Aspire 5315-2848?

Hemera Technologies/ Images

The Acer Aspire laptop series of computers, including 5315 and 2848, are two Windows-based computer systems. These computers, unlike Acer's smaller netbook systems, have built-in CD/DVD drives. This allows you to format the hard drive and reinstall the operating system with the provided Windows installation CD. Once the hard drive is formatted, all previous information stored on the drive is removed.

Insert the Windows installation CD into the disc drive of the computer. Close the AutoPlay window that appears on the screen and shut down the computer system.

Power the computer back on and press "F8." This will lad the Windows boot screen.

Select "Boot From CD" and press "Enter." The computer will boot directly from the installation CD. The mouse does not work during this start-up, so you must use the keyboard.

Choose to format the drive. A prompt will appear, stating all information will be removed if you format the drive. Select "OK." and the hard drive of the Acer Aspire computer will be formatted. The computer will restart and the Windows installation will begin.

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