How to Copy & Paste Fancy Writing

spike font image by Adrian Hillman from

When you come across something written in an unusual font in a document or online, it's not always possible to copy and paste it exactly as it appears. For example, the fancy writing you see on a website may not be supported by your word processor if you try to paste it into a document. Fancy fonts are either text or graphics, depending on where you find them. Copying and pasting them is a simple process, though the result may look different than the initial font.

Highlight the fancy writing you want to copy. This may mean dragging your mouse arrow over the writing to highlight it, or clicking on it if it is a graphic.

Right click the highlighted writing and click "Copy," or press "Control" and "C" ("Command" and "C" for Mac users).

Go to the document or field in which you want to paste the fancy writing. Right click and select "Paste," or click inside the field and press "Control" and "V" ("Command" and "V" for Mac users) to paste the writing.

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