How to Make Masquerade Mask Templates

mask image by Lovrencg from

Masks have a long history in many cultures, but the traditional masquerade mask remains one of the most popular forms. Partiers often use these elegant masks for Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations. These masks may either cover the face or the eyes, and are often festooned with gold, feathers and glitter.

Making your own mask is quite easy, but to do so, you will need a template to work with.

Tear off a 30" long strip of aluminium foil and fold it into thirds. You should end up with a thick rectangle of foil that is 10" long.

Remove any glasses or ornamentation from your face. Lay the aluminium foil over your face and gently pat it down with your hands. The foil will mould to the contours of your face. Do not pat it down so tightly that you cut off airflow. The foil only needs to take on the general shape of your face, not every detail.

Lift the foil mask from your face. Be gentle with it and try not to distort it. Set it aside for now.

Trace the outline of a face on your leather by using chalk to draw an oval that is 10" long by 8" wide. Cut the oval out with a pair of leather shears. Lay the leather oval over your face and lightly mark the leather over your eyes using the chalk. Cut out a pair of eye holes where your marks are.

Fill a large pot with water and place it on a hob. Bring the water to 48.9 degrees C. Place your leather piece in the pot and leave it. The leather will emit noise as it heats up. Remove the leather when the squealing noises stop.

Remove your leather with a pair of tongs and quickly drape it over your aluminium foil mask. Make sure to line the eye holes up correctly with those on the foil mask. Allow your mask to cool and dry completely. This may take a day or two.

Trim any excess leather from the edges of your mask with your leather shears. You now have a durable leather template that you can use to create your masquerade mask.