How to ZIP a Video File to Send by Email

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When you zip a file, you compact that file and make it smaller. You can send a smaller file through e-mail, which can then be opened up after the receiver has unzipped it. Zipping a video file might seem tricky, but it is really an easy process. You can zip a file in a couple of easy steps, and your receiver can just as easily unzip it.

Right click on your desktop and choose "Create New" and then "Folder." Name the folder something you'll remember or something the receiver will recognise.

Right click on the video and select "Save As." Then "Browse" to find the folder, and save the video inside of the folder.

Right click on the name of the folder that now contains the video. Choose "Send To" and then choose "Zip File." The program will create a zipped folder that contains the video, and anything else you put into the folder.

Compose your e-mail message and select "Attach File." Browse through your computer and select the zipped file. Attach it to your e-mail and send it.

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