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How to make a spider diagram online

Updated April 17, 2017

If you need a way to organise thoughts and ideas for certain projects, creating a spider diagram is an easy way to put your ideas together. Of course, you can draw a spider diagram on paper, but several websites have applications that enable you to create your own diagram, and other students or co-workers can access your ideas--creating a way for anyone to access what you have created and work on an assignment or project together.

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  1. Open your web browser and go to the Think website (you need the Firefox Web browser for this site). Create an account if you choose to, but an account isn't needed. (Consider going to the Cacoo website if you have Internet Explorer, but you are required to register before using its online diagram software).

  2. Choose a main idea for your spider diagram and enter your idea into the text box where it says "Create New Thought" and click the "Create New Thought" button. You will be redirected to a new page with a circle in the middle of the page. This circle represents the main idea of your diagram.

  3. Move your cursor over the circle in the middle of the page that contains your main idea and choose the green plus button to add topics to the main idea circle. To add four topics, just click the green plus button on the main idea circle four times. The new circles you create will overlap one another, but with a simple click of the mouse you can move each circle to surround the main idea circle.

  4. Add text to your topic circles surrounding the main idea circle by double-clicking each circle. A text window will pop up; type the topic you want to add to your circle and click "OK," and you will see the topic you have typed in the middle of the circle you have just chosen. Continue this step until you have a topic for each circle you have created around the main idea.

  5. Create sub-ideas for the previous four topics you have added. For example, choose one topic circle that you created in the previous step and click the green plus button twice. Move the sub-idea circles so they are not overlapping, and double-click each sub-idea circle to add the sub-idea text into that circle. Repeat this for the other three topic circles you created. Add more or fewer sub-ideas if needed, depending on the topic.

  6. Tip

    Your diagram doesn't have to look exactly like a spider web to be considered a spider diagram. The point is simply to organise your ideas.

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