How to Use Liberon Wax Sticks

Dings, dents, and cracks can mar the appearance of a tabletop or other finished wood. Using a wax filler stick, you can conceal those ugly flaws without having to strip and refinish the entire piece. The Liberon company, a finishing products company based in the United Kingdom, manufactures a wax filler stick designed to fill small- to medium-sized holes, as well as minor cracks and splits in finished wood. The product comes in 16 colours.

Choose the wax filler stick colour that best matches the wood you are repairing. Select a shade that is slightly darker if you cannot find the exact hue.

Test the wax filler for colour, texture, and effect. Pick an inconspicuous spot on the finished piece or, if available, use a scrap from your finished project.

Using the knife, shave off a small amount of wax. Rub the shavings between your fingers or under warm water to soften the wax. Smooth the wax over the test area.

Shave off wax from the stick, enough to fill the hole or crack. Soften the wax pieces between your fingers or under warm water.

Press the softened wax into the hole or crack with your fingers or with the plastic scraper. Use the scraper to make sure the wax is level with the surface.

Allow the wax to harden. Apply furniture wax or polish over the entire surface, if desired.

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