How to whiten stained dentures

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Dentures are replacement teeth for the full mouth or specific sections of the mouth. Dentures are to be removed each night for cleaning and replaced the next morning for the cleanest dentures and optimum gum health. Like regular teeth whitening, you can also whiten stained dentures. Dentures get stained by food and drink and also benefit from occasional stain removal in addition to regular cleaning.

Combine 1 teaspoon of bleach, 2 teaspoons of Calgon water softener, and 177ml of water in a bowl. Do not use Calgon bath solution or bath oil. Calgon water softener solution can be found at a hardware store.

Stir the solution well. Remove dentures and soak them in the bleach solution overnight.

Remove the dentures from the bleach solution and pour the solution down the drain. Rinse and clean the container for the next use.

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Flush the dentures with plain water, while scrubbing lightly with a soft nylon toothbrush. A soft toothbrush will not scratch denture material.

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