How to track cell phone calls with a SIM card number

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Tracking cell phone calls with a SIM card requires the use of a SIM card reader. A SIM card stores all the information associated with a user's account. A card reader is required to access all the information on the SIM card, including contacts and call history. There are two types of card readers, readers and spoofers. The spoofers can clone the SIM card, which basically means the machine acts like a clone of the SIM card.

Remove the SIM card from the phone. This can usually be done by taking out the battery first and then the SIM.

Purchase a SIM card reader. A reader will only extract information up to the point of removal from the phone and nothing more, while a spoofer will continue to update the clone profile of the SIM card after the SIM is inserted back into the phone. Essentially the spoofer will record every call placed and received (not the conversation but the numbers) and text message (full message.) Spoofers are in a grey area of the law and the use of them is prohibited in certain states. Both of these devices are not available for purchase at local electronics stores and must be purchased online from speciality shops. eBay,, spy shops and cell phone equipment wholesalers may carry these units. Expect to pay between £13 (for a basic reader) and up to £650 (for an advanced spoofer.)

Insert the SIM card into the SIM card reader. Download all the information from the card reader to the computer using native software that came with the SIM card reader. The software is fairly self-explanatory; in most cases and these devices come with an instruction manual. SIM card readers almost always connect to the computer via USB. View the downloaded call history using the SIM card reader's software.

Spoof the SIM card using a SIM card spoofer. The same installation process will apply as using a normal reader. The extra step of spoofing the card will require additional work in the program. This is usually done via an on screen install wizard. The spoofer's log file will be updated with new information every time the SIM card is used.

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