How do I Dress As an 80s Pop Star?

Simon Willms/Lifesize/Getty Images

The 1980s produced breakout pop stars like Madonna, Blondie, U2 and White Snake. Part of these pop stars' appeal were their unique sounds, but their unique styles and looks also made them distinctive. People want to emulate pop stars by dressing like them; the '80s were no different.

Now that the '80s have come into "retro" status, people are revisiting the styles and looks of '80s pop icons.

Style your hair boldly. Hair-metal bands were popular in the '80s; groups like Poison and Motley Crue were known as much for their "big hair" as they were their guitar solos. Wigs can reproduce these looks; just find a long, blond, curly wig. Women can also tease their hair and use hairspray to achieve the big hair or tousled look of '80s female pop stars.

Shop for retro clothing. Horizontal stripes were popular in the '80s, and this look was adopted by many pop stars. Blondie, for example, wore many black and white striped T-shirts and mini dresses during performances. Madonna helped popularise bright coloured leggings and leg warmers. For men, leather trousers and jackets were enviable because they conveyed a pop star appeal. Denim jackets and acid-washed jeans were popular styles for both male and female pop stars in the '80s.

Accessorise with bright, colourful jewellery and make up. Female pop stars utilised jelly bracelets and funky necklaces to complete their outfits and wore colourful eyeliner and lipstick. Male pop stars in the '80s used scarves and offbeat accessories like suspenders and bow ties to make themselves stand out. Chain-link necklaces and studded chokers were also widely used as jewellery for both men and women. Another accessory that was common was platform shoes.