How do I create free printable pet birth certificates?

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Adopting a new pet is very exciting for any family. Children especially are intrigued by having animals around and love to celebrate their pet's life. The quickest way to begin this celebration is by presenting the new owner--the child--with a birth certificate for her new pet. While there are no official birth certificates for animals, you can make your own with the help of the Internet and a printer.

Visit Free Printable Certificates through your web browser. Select "Certificates for Kids" in the left column. This will bring up a large list of printable certificates you can select from.

Scroll your mouse until you see the dog and cat birth certificates in the list and select the one you want to use. There are also puppy, rabbit and kitten birth certificates available. If you have an animal you want to use a birth certificate for other than these pets, you can choose a generic birth certificate on the site.

Search through the site quickly by typing in the kind of certificate you want. Instead of browsing through the certificates, you can search at the very top of the page. Type in dog, cat, puppy, rabbit or kitten to find pet birth certificates.

Click on the certificate you want to print. On the next page you will be able to select a PDF or DOC format of the certificate. The PDF versions are free of charge. You will have to accept the terms of the website to download the certificates.

Click to download the certificate. Open the document to print. Once printed, you can write in the specific details of your pet's birth. If you have downloaded the DOC version, you can edit the file to include the details before you print it.

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