How to Reset A Safe Combination

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Resetting the combination to your safe on a semi-regular basis increases its security level. There are many ways for unauthorised persons to gain access to an existing code; thus, making constant changes to your combination is the most practical way to minimise the possibility of intrusion.

In order to perform the reset yourself, there are certain conditions that must be met. Primarily, the door to your safe must already be open, and you must have the factory and user codes for the safe.

Open your safe. With most electronic combination safes such as those manufactured by Sentry, the information needed to open the safe is straightforward. However, with dial combinations, you may need the services of a professional locksmith if you do not remember the unlock combination. For electronic safes, use the factory code found on the first page of the safe's hand book. You must have the factory code and the personal code, which is called the user code. Both the factory code and your personal user code should be five digits long. A difference between the two codes is that only the factory code cannot be changed.

Press the "Programming" button, which can be found on safe's keypad. It is often abbreviated as "Prog." This function will erase every trace of your old combination for good, and it allows you to change your combination at any time.

Enter your factory code again. This prepares the safe for accepting a new user code.

Key in the new code. Like the factory code and your old user code, this new combination must also be five digits long. There is no limit to how many times you are allowed to create new codes, and there is no duration that you need to wait before you are allowed to change the code again.

Shut the safe door after entering the new code to complete the combination reset process.