How to Use Edible Glitter

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Edible glitter is a lustrous garnish used in food preparation. It adds sparkle, shine or a metallic finish to any food or beverage, though it is primarily used in baking. The decoration is most commonly applied to the frosting of cakes and cupcakes. Edible glitter is an easy product to use. Bakers should think of it like sprinkles -- they can apply the glitter by sprinkling it directly on the intended surface.

Prepare the cake for decoration. You should have already baked and iced the cake, and the item should be service-ready, save for the glitter. Decorate the cake on a plate or stand other than the one that will be used to serve the finished product. If excess glitter falls around the cake during decoration, you will not have to attempt to clean up the stand around a fully decorated cake.

Gather other ingredients and tools. If you intend to apply a thin layer of glitter, you will not need any of the other listed ingredients or tools. If you plan to use a lot of glitter, you will need a candy paintbrush, a small bowl and water.

Apply moisture, if needed. A freshly iced cake will have enough moisture in the icing to hold a light layer of glitter. To apply a lot of glitter to the cake, lightly moisten the area first to ensure all the glitter stays in place. To do so, fill a small bowl with about a tablespoon of water. Use the candy paintbrush to lightly brush water onto the areas that will receive glitter.

Sprinkle glitter onto the cake. Use a light touch while dusting the cake, even if applying a lot. A tube or jar of edible glitter is small, and its contents will not require heavy shaking to come out. You will struggle to remove even the coarsest glitter from icing if it is sprinkled too generously.

Remove excess glitter, if necessary. To shake off extra glitter, lightly tap the plate or stand on the countertop. Lift the stand about an inch and gently tap it by setting it back down. Cupcakes can be held at an angle over the sink or another cupcake and tapped (on the part covered by the cupcake liner) to shake off extra glitter.

Move a cake to a serving dish to refrigerate or serve. Adding edible glitter does not change how you should serve or store the cake.

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