How to make your own liquid paraffin lamp oil

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Also known as mineral oil, liquid paraffin serves as an evenly burning oil for lanterns and oil lamps. Knowing how to make your own liquid paraffin for an oil lamp provides you with an easy craft endeavour that results in illumination and warmth. A cost-friendly alternative to commercial lantern oils, homemade liquid paraffin oil is versatile and can be customised creatively.

Pour the mineral oil into the glass bowl. Use medium density mineral oil, which can be found in any pharmacy or department store.

Add the coconut oil to the mineral oil in the bowl. Coconut carrier oil thins out the liquid paraffin a little, making it burn cleaner. This reduces the amount of black soot that results from burning the oil.

Add the essential oil to the solution. Choose any aroma you want such as lavender, chamomile, cinnamon or any other type of blend.

Stir in the food colouring to tint the oil with a hue of your choosing. Alternatively, you can choose to leave the liquid paraffin clear and colourless.

Pour the mixture into the oil lamp's reservoir and allow the wick to become saturated with the solution.

Light the wick and enjoy.

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