How do I create a free word letterhead template?

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Microsoft Word comes with tools you can use to build templates for any project. You can create a letterhead templatefor your business or personal use. The template, which is a reusable layout, may include graphics, text or other content you would usually place within a Word document.

If you're creating letterhead for a business, consider including your logo, your contact information and your company tag line. If you're creating letterhead for personal notes, you may include your name, graphics, borders and fun designs.

Start a new document in Word 2007.

Select the "Page Layout" tab in the ribbon and expand the "Page Setup" group by clicking the dialogue box launcher.

Click the "Paper" tab in the "Page Setup" dialogue box and select a paper size for the letterhead.

Click the "Margins" tab and select the margins you want to set. Then click "OK."

Place a logo or image in the header section of your page. To open the header, click the "Insert" tab. Then go to the "Header/Footer" group and click "Header." Select a predesigned header or choose a blank header.

Select the "Insert" tab and choose "Picture" from the "Illustrations" group to retrieve an image. Double-click the image you want to insert into the header. To insert clip art, select "Insert" and "Clip Art" from the ribbon. Then go to the "Clip Art" task pane on the right to find a clip art you want to include.

Type your name or company name, mailing address and phone number on separate lines.

Add any other information you want the letterhead to include. To add a page border, select the "Page Layout" tab. Then click "Page Borders" in the "Page Background" group. Choose the page border style you want to apply in the "Borders and Shading" dialogue box and click "OK."

Go to the "Design" tab and click "Close Header and Footer" to return to the main page.

Save the letterhead as a template by selecting the Office Button and clicking "Save As" and "Word Template." The "Save As" dialogue box opens.

Navigate to the "Templates" folder (in Windows Vista) or "Trusted Templates" folder (in Window XP).

Enter a file name for the letterhead template and click "Save."