How to Connect an iMac to a PC

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Windows operating system shares files using the SMB sharing protocol, but an iMac computer running the Mac OS X operating system is capable of sharing files using the same protocol. You can connect an iMac to a PC and view shared folders on the iMac using your local area network, the connection through which the computers in your home connect to the Internet.

Open the “Go” menu in the Finder and choose “Connect to Server.”

Press the “Browse” key to search for available SMB computers and click on the desired computer. Alternatively, type “smb://” in the “Server Address” text box. This is the prefix that indicates the type of sharing protocol. Type the IP address of the PC or the computer name after the prefix and finish the address by adding “:139” to indicate the proper communications port.

Click “Connect.” A prompt appears on the screen asking for login information for the computer. Enter user information for an account on the PC or select the “Guest” option and click “Connect.” A list of the shared folders appears.

Click on the desired folder or folders and click “OK” to mount the folder to the Mac desktop.

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