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How do I grind coffee with a vita-mix blender?

Updated April 17, 2017

A Vita-Mix blender is capable of producing a ground coffee suitable for brewing and extracting. The exact shape of the grind is not as precise as a high-end burr grinder. The Vita-Mix grinds coffee with the same variable sized grind achieved with a standard low-end coffee grinders. It is possible to produce grinds using the Vita-Mix for all the standard brewing methods from the French press to the automatic drip coffee maker. The process is quick and economical considering all the other applications that the Vita-Mix blender has.

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  1. Measure 2 cups' worth of roasted coffee beans.

  2. Set the left switch on the Vita-Mix blender to "Variable," the middle dial to the number "1," and the right switch to "Off."

  3. Add the beans and secure the top. Remove the plug from the top and insert the tamper, letting it rest lightly on top of the beans.

  4. Turn on the blender and slowly turn the middle dial to "5" while tapping the beans with the tamper and forcing the beans into the blades. Depending upon the type of coffee it will take about 15 seconds to reach a level of grind suitable for a standard drip coffee or French press. Further processing at the same speed for longer will produce a finer grade coffee suitable for espresso or Turkish brewing.

  5. Separate the ground coffee by removing the lid and gently letting the coffee grounds fall in the air tight container. Some coffee grounds will remain in the container; these grounds are very fine and should be discarded or used only for applications that require a very fine coffee grind such as Turkish or espresso.

  6. Tip

    It is good to stop grinding every 5 seconds to check the level of the grind. Be sure when tapping the beans into the grinder sufficient force is used to push the beans all the way into the blades. Do not hold back and tap too lightly or the grind size will be very inconsistent. A wide variety of grind size means more tapping is needed during the grinding phase. The Vita-Mix is one of the few devices capable of producing the grind size necessary for Turkish coffee.


    The Vita-Mix wet container is the default container and completely capable of producing a fine coffee grind. However, unlike the optional dry container, the wet does not allow the movement of the grinds to flow the same way which is why tapping is required. This is also why, even with a short processing time, very fine coffee grinds will accumulate at the base of the container. These grinds are not suitable for standard American coffee and can clog coffee filters.

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Things You'll Need

  • Vita-Mix with 1814gr. wet blade container
  • Measuring cup
  • Roasted whole coffee beans
  • Airtight storage container

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