How to Transfer Calls on an Avaya Phone System Images

Transferring calls on an Avaya phone system is necessary if you must send a call to another extension within your organisation. Whether you answer all incoming calls or simply need to transfer a call to a supervisor, the transfer button on Avaya handsets lets you send the call to another extension and speak to someone on the receiving end before transferring the call. When transferring a call on an Avaya system, it is placed on "soft hold," which is a special status given to calls put on hold to transfer.

Press the "Transfer" button on your Avaya phone when on a call.

Dial the number to which you want to transfer the call after you hear a dial tone.

Press the "Transfer" button after dialling the destination number to transfer the call immediately. If you want to announce the call or speak to someone at the destination number before transferring the call, wait until the party answers the phone. Press the "Transfer" button after announcing the call to complete the process.

Hang up the Avaya phone handset to complete the transfer.

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