How to install a double oven

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Installing a double oven can be done by completing a few simple steps. It is important to keep in mind that you should use these steps only as a guide. The installation instructions that come together with the purchased oven should be followed very carefully in order for the entire process to remain completely safe. A double oven is useful especially when you need to cook many dishes at different temperatures at the same time. To set up your oven in your home, you should have basic carpentry and wiring skills.

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Turn off the electric power to the oven branch circuit. Remember to use copper wiring only. You need to use an electrical ground and not a gas pipe with a wall oven unit.

Prepare the double oven opening. If you have a cabinet without a solid bottom, you will have to install braces that will be able to hold 170 kg (375 lb). To install them, use 5 by 10 cm (2 by 4 inch) timber and adjust its length to suit your cabinet. Refer to the manual for instructions on cutout sizes and minimum clearances.

Remove the doors of your oven by pushing the hinge locks all the way down toward the door frame to the unlocked position. Put the doors aside. Slide the oven unit into the front cutout of the cabinet. When you slide it within 2.5 cm (1 inch) of the closed position, put the door out.

Drill 2 mm (3/32 inch) holes in the frame of the cabinet and all the way through to the mount holes in the front frame of the oven. Place the screws that came with the oven through the mount holes on the front at the sides of the oven opening.

Establish the electrical connections. Use an individual property grounded branch circuit. Turn the main power off and attach the flexible conduit to the junction box. The green wire typically connects to the junction box, while the white wire in the conduit connects to the white or grey wire inside the box.

Finally, place the screws that came with the oven inside the mounting holes, one on each side of the oven's top only, fastening the oven to the cabinet.

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