How to Reformat an Acer Aspire Computer

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Acer Aspire is a line of laptops that run on Windows by Acer Inc. Over time, you may run into problems with your Aspire, like any other laptop. It could be running slowly due to too many programs, data or viruses.

If you want to reformat your Acer Aspire to its factory settings, you can do this without an installation disc. Acer computers have the Acer eRecovery program, which you can open during the start-up process to reformat the system.

Plug the Flash drive into an USB outlet on the laptop.

Open the Flash drive's folder. Drag any important files, including documents and photos, into the folder. Eject the Flash drive.

Plug one end of the computer into the power adaptor. The other end should be plugged into an electrical socket.

Click on the "Start" menu, then "Restart." The system will shut down.

Hold the "Alt" key while continuously tapping the "F10" key as soon as the laptop starts up. Continue this until the "Acer eRecovery" screen opens.

Use the "Tab" key to select "Restore system to factory default" and hit the "Enter" key.

Enter your password. Click "Yes" when the warning message appears.

Then click "Next" to begin the process. Follow the steps to restore your laptop to its original settings.