How to Turn off a Webcam on a Laptop

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A laptop computer's webcam camera can be turned off or temporarily disabled for security or privacy concerns. The method varies according to the operating system you are using. iSight, for example, is a webcam that is built into Macintosh computers and is accessed through web software. After you disable iSight it will prevent any web-based software from finding or connecting to the camera. All you need is administrative access to the computer.

Click on the "Start" menu in the lower left corner of the screen if you have Microsoft Windows operating System.

Select "Control Panel" and click on "System." Choose the "Hardware" tab and then select "Device Manager."

Look under the menu "Imaging Devices" and locate your camera listed. Right-click on the camera device and select the disable option from the menu.

Click on the "System" folder on the computer's hard drive. Once in the "System" folder, click on the "Library" folder. While in the "Library" folder, click on the "Quick Time" folder. Select the "Directory" tab and find the " QuickTime USB VDC Digitizer Component" file.

Form a "Temporary Backup iSight" folder onto the computer's hard drive. Copy and move the " QuickTime USB VDC Digitizer Component" file to the new back up folder. Drag the folder to the trash to erase it. Be careful that you do not erase both files or it will permanently delete it and you will not be able to access the camera again.

Open a web-based software program to make sure the iSight camera is disabled.

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