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Camping in Tents for Older People

Updated August 08, 2017

Although camping is often considered an activity for the especially young and able bodied, it doesn't have to be excluded as an option for older generations. So if you are someone who relishes camping, fishing, watching the stars and sleeping outdoors, don't feel like you're limited when it comes to appreciating Mother Nature. Over the years, there have been dozens of inventions and advancements that make camping easier in general. So whether your mobility isn't as great as it used to be or you simply want to make your next camping trip more enjoyable, know that it's possible.

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  1. Select grounds that are somewhat flat and free of pot holes or large hills. This cuts down on tripping chances and makes walking easier. Also, book a camp location that's close to the bathrooms and has wheelchair access (if necessary). Walk around the grounds in advance for better piece of mind.

  2. Opt for a simple pop up tent instead of one that requires more time to assemble. In addition to saving you time, a pop up tent will save your back, feet and hands from being over worked.

  3. Use an outdoor air bed instead of sleeping on the ground. Make sure to bring a pump so you can inflate the mattress easily on your camp site. If you have a particularly hard time reaching the ground, choose an air bed that inflates higher.

  4. Make your food in advance and bring it in stored containers. Ideally, your meal should only require one pot to cut down on the amount of carrying you'll do. This cuts down on the amount of walking necessary for hunting/fishing and also ensures you have a full meal.

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Things You'll Need

  • Pop up tent
  • Blow up mattress
  • Air pump
  • Food
  • Pot

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