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How to resize a PDF to A4

Updated April 17, 2017

In today's global business environment, companies use PDF files to distribute documents. PDFs are viewable and printable on almost every platform. They are generally not editable and can offer levels of security to help control how the document can be used or modified. This can cause some complications when a document is formatted as an 8.5x11-inch document, the most common format in the United States, but the end user is in an area (such as the United Kingdom) that uses A4 paper. There are a few ways to resize the document, but this is not always perfect because PDFs are secured versions of documents from other programs.

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Printing on A4 paper

  1. Launch Acrobat Reader and open the PDF file. Double-clicking the PDF file should also open the file in the default PDF viewer, which is Acrobat Reader in most cases.

  2. Click the "Print" button or click "Print..." from the "File" drop-down menu. The Print dialogue box will appear.

  3. Select "Fit to Printable Area" from the "Page Scaling:" option. This will shrink or fit the printed document to the printer's paper size. If you want to change the printer's paper size, click on the "Properties" button at the top of the Print dialogue box. Under the "Paper/Quality" tab select "Advanced..." and select the paper size from the "Paper Size:" drop-down menu.

  4. Click "OK" to print the document.

Converting a file to A4 format

  1. Download and install a PDF creation program if there is not already one installed on the computer. Acrobat Reader is a PDF viewing program, but does not have creation capabilities. Some creation programs include Adobe Acrobat, PDF 995, CutePDF and PDF Creator. All but Adobe Acrobat are free. Some PDF creators only install a printer driver that can create PDFs from the Print dialogue box of any program while others do this and include a stand-alone program.

  2. Open the original PDF file in the PDF creator application. If the creator program is only a print driver, open the original PDF file in the default PDF viewer.

  3. Click the "Print" button, click "Print..." from the "File" drop-down menu or enable printing based on the application installed. A Print dialogue box will appear.

  4. Select the PDF creator printer from the "Printer" drop-down menu.

  5. Follow the steps included in the PDF creator documentation to select page size of the new document and select A4 format. Click "Print" or "OK" to create the A4-size PDF file. There will be a prompt asking you for a file name or saving location of the new file. Enter this information as asked.

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