How to Recover an Acer Aspire M1640

If your computer is experiencing severe data corruption and system errors, running the system recovery program is an option. Your Acer M1640 will revert to its original, factory-installed state. The recovery process deletes all files, software and drivers not installed by Acer.

Click "Start" > "Restart" to reboot your Aspire M1640.

Hold down the "Alt" button and repeatedly press "F10" while the system restarts.

Select "Restore System to Factory Default" from the Acer eRecovery menu.

Enter the eRecovery password at the prompt. The factory default password is six zeroes if a new password was not previously created.

Click "Yes" at the eRecovery warning prompt.

Click "Next" to begin the recovery process. The system will restart once the system is restored.