Learn to Make Personalized Wood Plaques

street name image by Gonçalo Carreira from Fotolia.com

A personalised wood plaque is a lovely gift for any occasion. Many people enjoy seeing their name or monogram on a plaque. You can make elegant wood plaques for someone's office, country-style plaques for someone's family or paint them with polka dots and bold-coloured swirls for a child's room. Use this quick and inexpensive craft project as a gift, or make them in bulk to sell at flea markets.

Paint your wood plaques with acrylic paint in the colour of your choice, or leave it a natural shade. Allow the paint to dry.

Place the larger plague face down onto a work surface, such as a table or counter top, and nail a picture hanger into the centre.

Trace the outline of the front of the wood plague and the oval plaque onto the scrapbooking paper. Use the same paper or a coordinating colour on the two plaques.

Cut out the designs.

Glue the scrapbooking paper onto the front of each plaque and allow it to dry. If you have any excess on the edges, cut it away by using a craft knife.

Center the oval plaque onto the middle of the square or rectangle plaque. Use the wood glue to attach it, and allow it to dry.

Use a stencil to trace the monogram or full name onto the oval plaque. Paint the letters with a detail brush and acrylic paint. Allow it to dry.

Spray the wood plaque with a clear spray sealer to give it a glossy finish. You might need to use two or three coats, but allow them to dry between each coat.

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