How to Do a Partial Hair Foil Highlight

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Adding colourful highlights to your hair doesn't have to cost a fortune, nor do you always need a professional to do it for you. Doing partial hair foil highlights at home allows you to take control of the colours you add to your hair as well as amount of hair that gets highlighted. Knowing how to do this makes it possible for you to highlight your own hair as well as your that of friends and family.

Put on the latex gloves and brush your hair, removing all knots or tangles.

Part your hair evenly with the fine-toothed comb. Part your hair as it parts naturally.

Select a lock of hair from the back of your head. Make the lock of hair no thicker than 1 inch. One inch sections create chunky blocks of colour highlights, and small thin locks of hair add accent touches of colour.

Lay the lock of hair over a strip of aluminium foil. Secure the hair to the strip by sliding a hair clip over the hair and the strip of aluminium, as close to your scalp as possible.

Squirt the premixed highlight mix into the bowl. Dip the tip of the hair applicator brush into it.

Hold the end of the aluminium strip, with your lock of hair on it, and apply the brush to it. Start at the tips of the hair and brush up to the roots. Focus on saturating the tips. The cream solution will adhere the underside of your hair to the foil so it stays in place.

Repeat steps 3 through 6 with the locks of hair you have chosen to highlight. Leave the hair covered strips of aluminium in your hair for anywhere between 25 and 45 minutes, depending on the extent of your highlighting desires. Rinse, shampoo and condition thoroughly.

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