How to find the value of old Pokemon cards

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The Pokemon Trading Card Game from Nintendo and The Pokemon Company lets players bring the monsters from the video game to battle in a tabletop card game based on the series. The collectable cards come in a variety of rarities and special releases.

This causes the value of the cards to vary wildly based on the condition of the card, its effect on game play and its overall popularity with the game's collectors. Older cards often possess higher values due to their rarity in the trading market.

Find out the card's name

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Look for the card’s name in the upper left-hand corner. Most directories will list the card under its name and expansion set.

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Look for the expansion set icon in the card's lower right-hand corner. Each major set release uses a different logo. Online and text directories offer a list of these logos on the set lists.

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Determine the condition of your card. Heavily played cards often bear scratches from regular shuffling and handling or worn corners. Mint condition cards come straight from the pack and have no damage whatsoever.

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Visit an online directory or use a price guide such as the “Beckett Unofficial Guide to Pokemon.” Most guides offer a list of three prices for older cards. The lowest value commonly represents what heavily played cards may be worth. Higher numbers indicate the value of a mint-condition card.