How to Delete Pictures From an SD Card

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An SD card is a popular memory card used by many consumer digital cameras to record pictures and video taken. Once the content has been transferred to the computer, SD cards can be formatted or erased to be used again with the same or a different camera.

Insert your SD card into your computer's SD card reader.

Click the "Start" button and navigate to "My Computer."

Double-click on the drive that represents your SD card. It will be located under "Removable Storage."

Select the contents of the card either by clicking and dragging around the files or using the "CTRL+A" keyboard combination to select all contents within the folder.

Right-click on the selection and click "Delete" from the menu. Click "Yes" to the dialogue you are prompted with asking if you wish to delete the files.

To format the SD card, right-click on the drive's icon and select "Format" from the list of options. Select "FAT32" for the file system and click the "Start" button to begin formatting your SD card.

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