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How to stop your cat from urinating on furniture

Updated November 03, 2018

Knowing how to stop your cat from spraying your furniture can mean the difference between saving your favourite couch or tossing it. Cat spray is actually cat urine, which has a strong ammonia like smell. Unfortunately, some cats get in the bad habit of spraying the urine on furniture. This habit can be quashed if you are willing to take the proper measures to teach your cat that spraying the furniture is not acceptable.

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  1. Clean your litter box daily. Some cats spray simply because their litter boxes are dirty.

  2. Cover the area of the furniture where the cat is spraying with aluminium foil. Cats don't like the foil and will begin to avoid the area. Remove the foil after a few days. If the cat returns to its spraying habits you can move on to the next step.

  3. Set up a motion sensor in front of the furniture that the cat is spraying. There are several types of cat motion sensors that you can use. Some make a loud noise, and others squirt water or blow air when the cat walks by. After several days of this, your cat will learn to stay clear of that area.

  4. Spray a homemade cat repellent on the furniture where your cat is urinating by pouring 1 qt. of distilled water in a spray bottle and adding 20 drops of orange essential oil and 20 drops of lavender essential oil. Shake up the solution to mix the ingredients together.

  5. Tip

    If you don't have aluminium foil you can use a plastic carpet runner. Tie a weight to a helium balloon and set it in front of the furniture your cat is spraying. The balloon will move slightly back and forth, especially when the cat is walking near it, which discourages a cat from spraying in that area.


    Never use moth balls to repel cats. They are poisonous.

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Things You'll Need

  • Aluminium foil
  • Motion sensor
  • Spray bottle
  • 1 qt. distilled water
  • 20 drops of orange essential oil
  • 20 drops of lavender essential oil

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