How to Use the fn Key on a Toshiba Laptop

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The "Fn (function)" key on Toshiba laptops serves as a control to access many of the "function" keys along the top of the keyboard. Keys labelled F1 through F12 serve as function keys in addition to other common keys on the keyboard. Press the "Fn" key while pressing another key activates certain features such as screen settings and numeric keyboard options. These "shortcuts" minimise the need to go into the system settings or Control Panel to change screen settings and also allow the laptop to have a full-featured keyboard without the extra side numeric keypad found on many standalone desktop keyboards.

Turn off the sound (mute) by holding down the "Fn" and "Esc" keys at the same time.

Press "Fn" and "F1" together to instantly make the screen go blank to protect information on the screen from people nearby.

Press "Fn" and "F5" to change which display device is in use. If you have an external display connected to your laptop this key combination will allow you to switch between the external screen and the laptop screen.

Hold down "Fn" and "F6" to lower the screen brightness. To increase the screen brightness hold down "Fn" and "F7." A brief pop-up display will appear on screen indicating the current screen brightness level.

Press "Fn" and the "Space" keys at the same time to change the screen resolution. Every time you hit this key combination the resolution changes to the next available screen size resolution. Pressing this key combination multiple times will cycle through the available sizes and eventually bring the screen back to its original resolution.

Press "Fn" and "F12" to lock the on-screen cursor in place. This feature is used in text-based documents to keep the cursor on a line of text.

Reduce the size of on-screen windows and icons by holding down the "Fn" and "1" keys. Increase the size by holding down "Fn" and "2."

Press "Fn" and "F2" together to change the power management setting mode. Each time you press this combination, the current power management setting is displayed. Additional presses will cycle through the various options such as "battery mode" and "AC power mode."

Press "Fn" and "F3" to put the computer into Standby mode. Press "Fn" and "F4" to enter Hibernation mode.

Toggle between "Bluetooth" and "Wifi" wireless connections by pressing "Fn" and "F8." When the wireless screen appears, press "Fn" and "F8" again to disable or change between the two connection types.

Enable and disable the built-in touchpad by pressing "Fn" and "F9."

Press "Fn" and "F10" to activate the numeric keypad. Press "Fn" and "F11" instead to activate the numeric keypad as a cursor control. The keys in the lower right of the keyboard have grey numbers on them; these serve as the numeric keypad when activated.

Hold down "Fn" while pressing the "Enter" key to simulate a numeric keypad's "Enter" key.

Hold down "Fn" while pressing the left "Ctrl" key to simulate a numeric keypad's right "Ctrl" key.

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