How to remove a memory stick from a computer

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A memory stick is also known as a USB flash drive or jump drive. This device can be plugged directly into any desktop or laptop computer through a USB port. Once plugged in, the memory stick can be used to store documents, pictures, video and other files from your computer. Plugging the memory stick into your computer is very simple and can be done in one step. However, removing the memory stick is a bit more complicated.

Find the "Remove Hardware" icon for your memory stick. This icon is in the bottom right corner of your screen and looks like a small green arrow or checkmark. If you hover over the icon, a small window that says "Safely Remove Hardware" will appear.

Right-click the icon you found in Step 1. A window that says "Safely Remove Hardware" will appear. Click it.

Choose your memory stick from the window that appears. The window will display all the hardware devices connected to your computer, and the memory stick will be listed as "USB Mass Storage Device." Select it and click "Stop."

Wait for the "Safe to Remove Hardware" window to appear on your screen. Once you see this window, you can remove the memory stick from the computer.

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