How to convert HTML to jpg

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If you want to display a web page in a presentation, you might be tempted to take a screen capture of the website. While this works, you will only capture the section of the page that is currently displayed on your monitor. If you want the entire page, you'll need to take several screenshots. An easier way is to convert the entire HTML page into an image. You can quickly convert your HTML to a JPG using a couple pieces of software.

Open your HTML file in your browser. Firefox, Chrome or Safari would work for this purpose. If the HTML page is already on the Web, you can visit the URL of your site. If the HTML file is on your computer, go to the Firefox menu bar and select "File," "Open" and select your HTML file.

Click "File," "Print." This brings up the Print Options window.

Click the PDF button in the print options and choose "Save as PDF." Your browser will ask you to choose a file name and save the file.

Open the PDF in an image editing program, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. Go to "File" and then "Save As." You will get a prompt to choose a file name and file type for your image. For the file type, choose ".jpg." Click "Save" when you're done.

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